Kim Kardashian's and Sexy Feet

Donkrax In Suluq Saturday, December 22, 2012

 Watch Pictures of Kim Kardashian's Feet on - a free collaborative site featuring Celebrity-Feet pictures. It is Probably the largest celebrity feet database.

After a fresh Manicure Kim Kardashian's feet looked great in white flip flops. Tiny Kim, now dating basketball star Kris Humphries looked fairly dwarfed by him in a recent stroll. Kris is 6'9 while Kim comes in at only around 5'2. On another note when asked what profession she would have been interested if not becoming a pop star princess Kim replied, "If I didn?t do what I do then I would be a crime scene investigator or if not a make up artist.". That would be one hot investigator. Check out Kim Kardashian's Feet.
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